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A Message from our CEO

On behalf of our 2,000 employees, welcome to the SGS Automotive web page. SGS Automotive is an ISO 9002-certified vehicles inspection company.

Incorporated in 1974, SGS Automotive is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SGS North America, Inc. SGS Automotive initially conducted damage surveys on import motor vehicles, and by the 1980's, we were the major service provider that monitored transportation-related damages to new vehicles and formulated loss prevention measures for our customers.

SGS Automotive focuses its' efforts in these major product services: import/export vehicle inspections, new vehicle transportation damage inspections, daily rental car turnback inspections, off-lease termination inspections, vehicle catastrophe surveys such as hail storms, etc., vehicle damage in-transit surveys, marine cargo surveys, and overseas travelers' medical claims. We are the industry leader in all areas.

Currently, SGS Automotive is conducting over 15,000,000 new vehicle inspections per year. In 2002, we will do over 600,000 daily rental turnback appraisals and over 350,000 off-lease termination appraisals. These operations will take place at ninety-six different locations worldwide.

An international corporation, SGS Automotive does business all over the world -- North and South America, Europe and Asia. Some of the countries we serve include: the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland and Russia (including the countries of the former Soviet Union). Our European headquarters is in Antwerp, Belgium, and we have a sales office in Yokohama, Japan. As a member of the SGS Group, SGS Automotive has a supporting network set up in more than 140 countries.

Since SGS Automotive is a full-service electronic inspections company, all inspections are paperless, and results are transmitted to clients in less than 24 hours. Digital photos, wireless communications and portable hand-held computers expedite processing, and our in-house data staff provides continual system support and upgrades.

Vehicle appraisals are conducted by SGS Automotive on behalf of over 100 companies. Inspectors are locally trained and certified, and the average inspector has over eleven years experience. They are subject to written, oral and field examinations and internal audits. SGS Automotive also conducts ongoing formal training for all its inspectors & surveyors.

Our employees are what make SGS Automotive the industry leader it has become today. They are the best in the business and unparalleled in their professionalism. For vehicle inspection and damage appraisal, SGS Automotive offers the highest quality service to be found.

I hope you'll learn more about us by contacting one of our national product line executives. Please check the contact listings for the office nearest you for auto vehicle inspections or for information on marine surveys.

Thank you for visiting our web site.

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